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The Best Blue Cat Bait
1. Shad
2. Perch
3. Drum
4. Blue Gill 
Heads are the Best!
Head, Body, Sides, Center
(Gut Pocket)
Remember Big Bait = Bigger Fish
If you use small peices you usally
catch smaller fish 80% of my Big
Fish are caught on Heads 

The Freshest Bait is the best!
When I catch my bait I put them 
in Large Ziplock Bags (No Water)
Keep the in a iced cooler if they get
wet they get mushy fast.

Blue Cat Rig
I like use 30lb Line, the Floresnt Light Green is the best to see at night, Large
Three Way Brass Swivels
and Circle Hooks with 4 or 5oz Flat Bank weights depending on the current.

Make your own Weights

I use a Do-ItŪ  Flat Bank Sinker Mold.
you will save money in the long run
and the best place to get your lead
from a tire repair shop, Tire Weights
Be Carefull Never melt lead inside your home. Keep children out of the work area. If possible set up your shop in a building that is detached from your house. Work in a well-ventilated area Or Outside Wear a respirator mask with a filter. Wash your body and clothes after working with lead. Keep your work area clean.



How to use a Trow Net

Cat Splash

Big Flathead


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